Skills Workshop Series

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What is a Skills Workshop?

The YWI’s Skills Workshop Series builds on advanced skills and concepts that direct service staff use working in RHYYA serving agencies across King County. A cohort of registered staff will attend three to six consecutive workshops, all focusing on one overarching theme. The workshop content will become progressively more specialized over the course of the Series so that participants have an advanced, deepened understanding the Series topic. Workshops will be interactive, offering concrete tools, new skills and opportunities to collaborate in a network of direct service staff from across the County.

How is it different from a training?

The Skills Workshop Series takes an interactive, peer-to-peer learning approach rooted in the experiential learning model. Workshops are similar to trainings in that the facilitator does have some important knowledge or skills to provide to the participants, but they tend to be much more interactive. In a training, we assume that the only expert is the facilitator, with most of the new things we learn coming from them. Workshops build on group members’ experience and expertise, increasing group collaboration and focusing on putting ideas and skills into practice.

What are the goals of the Workshop Series?

Workshop Series participants will:

  • Collaborate: It is important for staff across agencies and programs to build connections and collaborate with each other. This series provides opportunities for staff across the continuum of care to problem solve, network and build on each other’s expertise. In turn, each participant will be able to refer clients out with confidence.
  • Go Deeper: By the end of each workshop series, participants will have a deepened understanding of the overarching series theme and the skills, tools and perspectives needed to actualize each approach in program. They will be challenged to think about each topic in new ways while reflecting on their own thought patterns and behavioral impulses.
  • Build Skills: Staff will leave sessions with concrete tools and new skills to use in their positions, encouraged to practice them between workshops.
  • Receive Specialized Training: The Workshop Series is meant to provide more advanced content and skill building than the Foundations Series trainings.

What kinds of topics will be covered?

Skills Workshop Series topics are always changing based on staff needs — check the calendar to see what we are currently offering!