Fundamentals Series

What is the Fundamentals Series?

What does every youth worker need to know to excel at their job? The YWI Fundamentals Series provides comprehensive training on the core best practices that direct service staff will need in their first year at homeless youth serving agencies in King County. Each workshop focuses on one of six interrelated topics and is paired with important skills that put theory into action. The Series highlights how the concepts overlap and build on one another, creating an integrated best-practice based approach to youth work.

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The Series is made up of training covering the following topics:

What are the main goals of the Fundamentals Series ?

The Series has four main objectives for participants:

  • Learn Best Practices: Trainings are centered on evidence-based practices commonly used on the job in RHYYA services that make up the foundation of how agencies engage in youth work in King County. Participants will gain a deepened understanding of the above-named concepts, why they are considered best practices, and how to creatively fit the practices into each program and role.
  • Build Skills: Each concept participants engage with will explicitly focuses on practical application across their unique direct service roles. Staff will walk away with specific interventions and tools to use with young people on the job with each new workshop.
  • Professionalize the Youth Worker Position: Understanding and the ability to implement the best practices that make up the Youth Worker Institute — a key tenet of each training — establishes a common benchmark for what youth workers should know and be able to do.
  • Change the Way We Work Together: Collaboration is crucial in guiding youth to stability. In bringing together staff from different agencies and positions, we can work together to develop a common language, promoting coordination and communication across the King County RHYYA continuum that ensures the best support for youth.


What are the benefits of the Fundamentals Series training?

Real-world situations do not occur in a vacuum. That’s why the YWI takes an intersectional and integrated approach to youth work practice. Participants will gain cohesive and consistent professional experience they can directly apply when working with their clients — ultimately providing healthier, more supportive experiences for youth.