Youth Worker Fundamentals: Social Justice

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The systemic oppressions of racism, heteronormativism, patriarchy, and classism surround us and the young people we work with every day. “Youth Worker Fundamentals: Social Justice” is a full-day, interactive training designed to engage workers in exploring the intersections of youth homelessness and systemic oppression, touching on the ways systemic oppression impacts youth in services, the staff serving them, the organization, as well as the youth homelessness serving network of organizations as a whole.

What does it mean for us to be human and who “gets” to be human in our society? How do we police the boundaries of humanness? How do we collude with oppression in our agencies? What can we do to work toward justice? Participants will explore these questions as they work toward developing their social justice lens.

Quote by Lilla Watson Queensland, Australia 1970s

Objectives- By the end of this training participants will be able to:

  1. Articulate how systems of oppression have been constructed
  2. Describe how systemic oppression intersects with youth homelessness
  3. Identify specific ways systemic oppression shows up in their work with young people
  4. Recognize the role of unconscious bias and internalized oppression in youth work
  5. Reflect on levels of awareness, analysis, acting, and accountability to apply a social justice lens in youth work


Jen Self, MS LICSW PhD

Anjulie Ganti, MPH MSW



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